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Jan 4, 2013 8:00pm EST
. at the same time he's in many ways a more progressive than president obama who is unfortunately the favorite politician of the progressive left, such as it is. i mean, your president obama who has expanded the president's powers to unilaterally imprison beyond even george bush is a time. ron paul is a guy who gave 7000 college students to boo a mere mention of the bill signed by president obama. your president too, who has started new unauthorized wars with the drug program and presided over continuing gigantic defense budget bigger than any in world history and ron paul campaign some the other hand for peace and withdraw the u.s. military from the world. you've got obama who wants to expand every aspect of the war on drugs, including state legal medical marijuana. ron paul thinks government attempts to arrest people for actions that harm them at themselves are inherently less legitimate. the obama administration has set records in deportations. ron paul is saying to a republican debate the border walls are essentially un-american. on this wide range of issue in protecting people from concen
Jan 9, 2013 8:00pm EST
years. obama has to finish out his term and hillary is going to take another eight years. rubio will help for the republicans but he is cuban and the latinos are not going to go for mexicans and latinos. you have to remember the cubans had kennedy and the russians and all that. the latinos will not follow you as they would a real latino. >> host: what was your first about speaker boehner? >> caller: he needs to have a republican presidents to have any help. >> guest: it's a very fair point. one of the real problems right t right now is in the republican party and even within the conservative movement. so many people were banking on mitt romney winning the presidential election and so much of what we have seen on plan b in the house on the fiscal cliff and senate and the house is a reaction of not having the power everyone expected or hoped for coming out of the 2012 election so there's a real question on what is moving forward. your question about hispanic vote is an interesting one because beyond all these fiscal issues immigration is likely to bubble up in 2013 is a major issu
Jan 7, 2013 8:30pm EST
-the-board aspects to it. it is important in your go in january 2012, president obama announced a new defense strategy. we believe it is the right one for the times. interestingly, despite a lot of criticism for all the specifics are we proposing connection to that strategy, most members of congress deemed to have accepted this strategy. it is meant to help us confront a period of time that we face in complex security challenges. syria and arab spring, iran and its relations with the whole world to include israel, north korea and so many more. so what are the elements of this strategy? i won't spend a lot of time, but briefly it assumes we will be smaller, have leaner forces, but they will be highly ready forces. one of the ways they will be leaner is we will no longer write their forces for long stability operations like we did in iraq. but we will look for ways for reversibility because we understand and often guess wrong about future threats. we feel that we must be highly ready because there is a much of a note on the category of threat to national security. the second major item in that
Jan 8, 2013 8:00pm EST
that president obama enacted in 2009 tax credits focus on lower income and moderate and moderate income folks. those are scheduled at the beginning of the year. blue at the bottom payroll tax cuts. the temporary payroll tax cut you can see all income levels in the scheduled to expire at the end of the year. end of last year. so this is what was tito. also in the purple color for the taxes originally enacted in the health reforms scheduled to begin at the beginning of this year. see how different tax provisions scheduled to strike at the start of the year, take them all together they add up to a pretty big hit. this is what actually happened. same scale, same structure under the taxpayer relief act. when they came to visualize with going on in your mind. a couple things to leave out. the bars on what actually happened are by and large much lower than what were scheduled to happen. enough orders of magnitude, signed into law last week avoided less than two thirds of the scheduled fiscal cliff. more than a third of the class was avoided. the part that happened, as you can see here, for most amer
Jan 10, 2013 8:00pm EST
believe will help lay the groundwork for president karzai's discussions tomorrow with president obama president obama on these and other topics. president karzai and i believe very strongly that general allen's plan that was adopted in chicago by nato is working and we are we are fully committed to vanishing the job. i also assured the president that my successor, secretary of defense, will be equally committed to working with him and achieving the goal of an independent and strong afghanistan. on that note again i want to commend president obama and his decision to nominate chuck hagel to be the next secretary of defense. i have known chuck for a long time. i think he is the right person to lead the department at this time. not only because he is a decorated yet mom combat veteran, but he understands washington and understands the issues that confront our national defense. despite a lot of very severe budget pressures which i will speak to in a moment's, we need to maintain, and i believe he believes we need to maintain the world's most powerful and ready force to deal with the secur
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5